Hot Wax Radio is the next evolution of an Internet Radio Station created and operated by Relax Music Group, that began continual service on June 21, 2009. At 9 am SLT (Pacific Time) we launched IRMGRadio.com (Independent Radio for Multiplayer Games) in the Virtual World of Second Life, as a platform to expose Indie Music to users and players in Multiplayer Gaming environments. Streaming our unique mix of Indie Bands and Acclaimed Artists from all realms of Rock and Roll, IRMG quickly became the main music stream on multiple high-traffic sims in Second Life.

After relocating to New York City in 2010, IRMGRadio.com instantly became the least listened to radio station in the top media market in the US. But we had a lot of fun, discovering and getting to know dozens of great NYC acts, and streaming Live Shows from top Brooklyn venues in 2011. IRMG continued to develop and grow, slowly weaning our growing listener base away from commercial music to the Indie Artists we spin. Landing in the top media market promoted us to expand beyond our origins in virtual space into the real world.

In 2012, IRMG rebranded to RelaxFreeRadio.org, to support an Indie Music CD Project released exclusively at Burning Man 2012, by our sister site RelaxFreeMusic.org. In just 7 Days, 21 Artists from 7 different countries Crowd Sourced the Desert Project 2012, as a means to expose Indie Music directly to Burning Man attendees. Working with Radio Free Burning Man, the participating artists were broadcast multiple times to the entire playa, covering more than 60,000 “Burners” at the 2012 event. In addition, we also distributed 1100 CDs and Flash Drives directly to appreciative music fans. Upon “our return from the burn”, we evolved RelaxFreeRadio.org’s rotations and music selections to reflect the same “free spirited optimism and independence”, with the goal of exposing listeners to “a world of music beyond the mainstream” in a familiar radio format. As RFRO continued its growth, we surpassed our first Million Unique Listeners milestone before the end of 2013.

In 2015, RelaxFreeRadio.org relocated once again to Peoria, Illinois. Known as the ultimate test market for broadcasters and corporations, “Will it play in Peoria?” is an old adage representing the desire to reach “Middle America”. If a product or program “works” in Peoria, it will catch on in the national marketplace, often to popular acclaim. It is with this background we have come to the decision to evolve once again. We want take what it is we do best to the next level… We curate Hit Indie Music, present it in a format similar to commercial radio, and work to expose high quality Indie Songs that deserve to be heard.

On June 21, 2016, RelaxFreeRadio.org celebrated our 7th anniversary on the air, with a 6 Hour Live Broadcast featuring Music and Interviews with recording artists we’ve presented over the years since our 2009 debut. For our 5 year anniversary, we launched the Hot Wax Podcast, as a monthly program featuring the latest Cool New Music by Indie Recording Artists submitted to us from around the world. The term “Hot Wax” represents new music that “catches fire”, an old DJ adage for songs that surged to instant popularity based on how good they were.

As we enter 2017, we feel that Hot Wax Radio reflects our continued curation of Hit Indie Music, while focusing into a concise and catchy brand to aggressively market locally, nationally and world wide. We move forward as a new growth emerging from deep roots that will continue to expose Cool New Music as well as classic Indie Favorites that more than 2 Million Unique listeners have come to love. We’re moving from Chill to Thrill! Mellow to Hello! …from Relax to Hot Wax!

You are now listening to HotWaxRadio.com, Hit Indie Music streaming from the Heart of America to a World Wide Audience.


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