We are accepting only music from the following genres:

Adult Alternative Rotation: Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary & Pop, Reggae and World Music, Americana, Folk, Roots, Blues and Country.
Alternative Rotation: Alternative Rock, Alternative, Indie, College Rock.
Rock Rotation: Modern Rock, Alternative Rock. Loud Rock, Punk Rock.
Technotronica House: Techno, Electronica, House, Trance, Dance and Pop music.

To be considered for airplay on, you must SEND US AN E-MAIL to the Address listed below. YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH A DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE LINK to YOUR BEST SONG. If your music is selected for airplay on our station, we will notify you directly via e-mail to let you know when Your Song(s) are added to our rotations and when they will begin to air.

Please Note: We can only review music submitted directly to us through this process. Please do not send MP3 files unless requested.

All Recording Artists are required to READ and AGREE to our Terms and Conditions before Sending An E-Mail to


  1. Send an E-Mail to artists (at)
  2. Put "MUSIC SUBMISSION" in the Subject Line
  3. Feel free to write a greeting introducing yourself
  4. Include the Band Name
  5. Include the TITLE of your BEST SONG
  6. MANDATORY: Include a Dropbox or Google Drive Link to an MP3 FILE of your BEST SONG!  (We no longer accept any other methods to review music, including Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc.)
  7. DO NOT SEND MP3 or WAV FILES VIA E-MAIL. Your submission will be summarily deleted and will Not Be Reviewed
  8. Include Links to your Social Media
  9. IMPORTANT: By submitting music for airplay on, you are stating that You Agreee to our Terms and Conditions

How Our Rotations Work

We add new music Twice Monthy on our LIVE DJ SHOW, which airs alternating Fridays from 4-6 pm Eastern/1-3 pm Pacific. As we review your songs, we'll reach out to you and connect via Facebook and/or Twitter. Once we've decided when your music will be added, we will notify you via the e-mail address you've provided to let you know when your music will debut on our Live Show.

Once your music is selected, it will be featured in one of our New Music rotations for about a month or so. New Music tracks generally receive between 4 to 6 spins per day during their stay in New. Once your music has "run its course", it will reside in one of our specific Genre rotations, where it will receive 3 to 5 spins per week moving forward.

As you will hear in our rotatons, we have several artists that have submitted several tracks, and even several albums worth of music over the years. Many of these artists send us new tracks every month. This way, they have a New Song playing on all the time!


Our Program Director/DJ, Patrick Rule, has 4 decades of music industry experience, including 8 years as a Broadcast DJ, 6 years as a Club DJ, and 12 years operating this station. From promoting Tracy Chapman's debut record to Number One on College Radio, to tour managing Big Mountain and Robin Trower, "DJ Trick" has done just about everything in the music biz. He has an ear for talent and is always searching for Hit Indie Music.

Thank you again for your submission. If your music is accepted, we will be in touch with you asap.

Please note: All communications with you are kept in strictest confidence.