Station Program Guide:

MORNING MIX: Mon – Fri from 3 to 9 am SL / 6 am to Noon Eastern

The Morning Mix blends Adult Alternative and Contemporary tunes, with Hit Tracks from Americana, Folk, Roots, Blues and Country Artists. Throw in a splash of old school Reggae, and the Morning Mix is the mellow way to start your day.

MIDDAY WAX: Mon – Fri from 9 am to 1 pm SL / Noon to 4 pm Eastern

Midday Wax presents the latest Alternative Rock and Indie Alternative tracks from top Alternative Bands and Solo Artists across the globe. If it’s Cool and Quirky, you’ll hear it on Midday Wax.

AFTERNOON NEWS: Mon – Thu from 1 to 3 pm SL / 4 to 6 pm Eastern

The Afternoon News spins the latest Hit Indie Music submitted to HotWaxRadio.com from new and established artists. The Afternoon News covers Cool New Music from all of our Alternative, Rock, Morning Mix and Technotronica House programs and rotations.

ALTERNATIVE EVENINGS: Mon – Thu from 3 to 6 pm SL / 6 to 9 pm Eastern

Alternative Evenings picks up where Midday Wax leaves off, with Hit Indie Music from Alternative and Alternative Rock artists.

ROCK NIGHTS: Mon – Thu from 6 pm to 3 am SL / 9 pm to 6 am Eastern

Rock Nights presents the very best Hit Indie Music from Modern Rock, Alternative Rock and Loud Rock artists. We crank it up to 11 and play some of the coolest Rock Artists on the Planet!

THE DJ TRICK SHOW: Friday from 1 to 3 pm SL / 4 to 6 pm Eastern

The DJ Trick Show is the longest running regularly scheduled event in Second Life, spinning Every Friday from 1 to 3 pm SL since December 4, 2010. DJ Trick spins his Ultimate Mix of Indie Bands and Acclaimed Artists including Listener Requests. Listeners can compete for Linden $ in our Weekly Contest or by answering the DJ Trick 3 Song Theme set correctly. You never know who may show up or what might happen, but every time is a wild ride.

HOT WAX PODCAST: Friday from 3 to 4 pm SL / 6 to 7 pm Eastern

The Hot Wax Podcast is a Monthly Review of Everything New on HotWaxRadio.com. From the latest Hit Indie Music to Interviews with up and coming Indie Artists, the Hot Wax Podcast presents the very best of HotWaxRadio.com in a concise program that you can listen to any time, any where. Available each month on Soundcloud or on our website, http://HotWaxPodcast.com.

FRIDAY NIGHT ROCKS: Friday from 4 to 9 pm SL / 7 pm to Midnight Eastern

Friday Night Rocks spins the Hottest and Loudest Modern Rock and Alternative Rock cuts from Top Indie Talent around the globe.

TECHNOTRONICA HOUSE: Fri & Sat from 9 pm to 5 am SL / Sat & Sun Mid to 8 am Eastern

Technotronica House spins the very best Techno, Electronica, House, Trance, Dance and Pop tracks from Top Indie Artists and DJs.

SLEEP IN WEEKENDS: Sat & Sun from 5 to 7 am SL / 8 to 10 am Eastern

Sleep In Saturdays spins the Very Best Alternative Rock and Contemporary tracks.
Sleep In Sundays spins the latest Americana, Folk, Roots, Blues and Country tunes.

WEEKEND MIX: Sat & Sun from 7 am to 9 pm SL / 10 am to Mid Eastern

The Weekend Mix blends the Hottest Tracks and Cool New Music from our Alternative and Rock rotations in a non-stop Party, all weekend long.


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