Catch THE DJ TRICK SHOW: Friday from 1 to 3 pm SL / 4 to 6 pm Eastern

The DJ Trick Show is the longest running regularly scheduled event in Second Life, spinning Every Friday from 1 to 3 pm SL since December 4, 2010. DJ Trick spins his Ultimate Mix of Indie Bands and Acclaimed Artists including Listener Requests. Listeners can compete for Linden $ in our Weekly Contest or by answering the DJ Trick 3 Song Theme set correctly. You never know who may show up or what might happen, but every time is a wild ride.

Introduction to Second Life:

Second Life is an Online Virtual world populated by people from all
across the globe. Residents of Second Life exist as Virtual Characters,
or Avatars, and can travel from place to place through the SL Viewer, or
3rd party viewers like Firestorm. Second Life has
more than 48 million registered users since it’s launch in 2003, with
10,000 to 14,000 new accounts created each day. At any given moment,
29,000 to 53,000 people are logged in and using Second Life.

There is music everywhere in SL.

From Internet Radio streams like, to Live DJ’s spinning at clubs and events, to Live
Music Performances, Music is a driving force of Entertainment in Second
Life. For the performing musician, Second Life offers the ability to
reach a completely new type of fan base that is highly interactive and
extremely loyal to the artists and the performers they like. In
addition, SL fans are for the most part, affluent and upwardly mobile;
SL Fans will spend money on your music in the form of Tips, Ticket
Sales, and Music Download Purchases.

Most importantly, Second Life has an economy!

Funds are traded in the
form of Linden Dollars, (L$ or Lindens). The current exchange rate
varies, from between 250 to 300 L$ to the US dollar. More than 1 Million
US Dollars are exchanged in SL daily, and there are performing musicians
that supplement their Real World income in the hundreds, sometimes
thousands of dollars every month. Musicians can exchange the Linden
Dollars they earn in Second Life, for US Dollars (or other currencies),
using PayPal.


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