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We Spin HIT INDIE MUSIC from All Realms of Rock N Roll 24/7. Catch the DJ Trick Show LIVE Alternate Fridays from 4-6 PM EST.

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Technotronica House

How to Listen

The fastest way to listen to our Live Stream, is by clicking Play on the player at the top of this page or clicking one of our Stream Links. However, there are other methods of receiving HotWaxRadio.com that give you a full-featured listening experience. Our preferred recommendation is to use a 3rd party software program or app, such as VLC Player. Then simply enter one of our Stream Links in the Open Network Stream tab.

Using VLC Player and one of our regular streams (128k / 320k) you will see Artist Name and Song Title displayed on your smart phone or wireless device.

Stream Links:

128k: http://128k.hotwaxradio.com

320k: http://320k.hotwaxradio.com

320k SSL: https://onair.hotwaxradio.com

Metadata (artist name and song title) is not available on SSL streams.

We are proud to be hosted by Abyss Shoutcast.

Featured Artists

More Feature Artists

This is just a small sample of the many wonderful artists you’ll hear on HotWaxRadio.com. Thank you for Supporting Indie Music.

Chelsea Lyn Meyer, MaHA Rocks, The Metal Byrds, J.Adair, Future Radio, Stonebourne, Golden Richards, Rolling Numbers, Batteries Not Included (BNI Chicago), The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club, The Glad Machine, Raised on TV, Sarajevo 84, Skittish, The Follow, Elm Treason, Eric Maring, D’Arcy Johnson, Frames, Lights of Marfa, The Great Affairs, Merrin, Janani, Heavy America, Icicle, The Corridors, Skittish, Anthony Casuccio, Andrew Pike, Eric Macek, The Depth and the Whisper, plus many, many more.

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