Still Eighteen

Canadian Alt Rockers

Still Eighteen returns to Hot Wax Radio with their latest track "Piazza Cavour".

The writing of "Piazza Cavour" was an otherworldly experience & transpired during, what we are calling a haunted ski trip. Joey has been haunted by night terrors of witches since childhood, he felt an ominous energy while on a ski trip in the Italian Alps where his father was born. Joey was waiting for the bus in the beautiful tourist town of Bormio, when he sensed the presence of witches around him.

He was struck with a deep-seated knowing that something horrific had happened in the very place in which he stood. That day, a deep-dive into Bormio's 3000 year old history revealed that 43 women had been hanged and burned to death for witchcraft in the 16th and 18th centuries. Joey picked up his guitar and the song wrote itself that afternoon. It was as though the spirits of these women wanted him to tell their story. - via Facebook

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